Pole Love

You ever met someone and instantly you are drawn to them, their personality just captivates you? Well Marilyn Allers is one of those people for me. From her amazing personality, witty humor, true ambition and desire to always be and do more, she is one of those people that inspire you. Amazing human being, wife, friend and mother of two, for me Marilyn is a true example of a Super Woman.

Marilyn’s insane talent and love for pole fitness is both natural and undeniable. She naturally emits confidence, positivity, and oh yes… SEX APPEAL. But more importantly, for those she teaches she makes you feel so comfortable, capable, sexy and confident in YOUR own skin. Marilyn’s drive and love behind pole fitness is what I love the most. She is trying to take the negative view of pole fitness and turn it into a positive empowerment for women (and men too). And no matter your skill, size or situation, she will always encourage and bring out the best in you.

Working with Marilyn on a day to day basis, I get a peek into her life and let me tell you I’ve never seen someone so busy, yet so dedicated to something that they love. I have seen Marilyn come to work sick, exhausted and hurt but best believe she is in pole class ready to teach and empower. I’ve seen her come to work and walk around all day ashy as heck (now that’s real love LOL) but safety of her and her students is definitely top priority.

I promise you one class with Marilyn you will get a taste of everything stated above. You will exceed your limitations; you will feel sexy, but mostly, you will be strong and confident. There are not many people I would bet my life on but Marilyn expanding her business and growing into an internationally known pole fitness star, I’d bet all I got. I dare you to be different I assure you, you will never do "normal" again.

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Deshante Ferguson, 30

Infrastructure Goddess/Corporate Gangsta

I, like many others was curious when I saw the advertising of a “pole event” here in Bermuda. My only question was, WHO am I going to drag along with me? I needed someone open minded, daring but more importantly someone who liked to have fun. To my delight (but no surprise) Marilyn agreed in a heartbeat!

Since this event in February 2009 Marilyn’s passion for pole has flourished into her becoming the leading pole dancer/ pole fitness instructor on the island. The pinnacle moment came in 2015 when Marilyn opened up her own studio. She was unrelenting in her pursuit to facilitate an environment that allowed students to train and grow in the aerial arts.

Marilyn’s teaching style is sexy, fun and engaging. Her classes are unintimidating, yet challenging. She is dedicated to each and every one of her students and fosters camaraderie between us all. I love how she pushes us to our limits!

It’s no secret that Marilyn and I have a very special bond which is undoubtedly reinforced by our love for pole. That said, I will continue to support and stand by my pole sista, my friend, my confidante as she breaks down barriers, shifts perspectives and transforms minds (and bodies!).

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Erika Suber, 29


I have been doing pole fitness for 2 years now. My 1st year was a bit rocky but I buckled up and became an instructor the next year. I love Pole fitness! It has been the best exercise for me yet! Since I have had my son this is the only exercise that has kept me motivated with it being a combo of strength and sexiness. I must admit the first few weeks are a bit discouraging when your coming into class with no strength at all. But hey! That's what class is for! The pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow. Anyone can say they can dance but can anyone hold themselves on a pole and look sexy? Pole fitness is definitely the #1 fitness to boost your self-confidence as it tones every part of your body in a strong yet feminine way. I had been dancing with Mari at Fusion Fitness for a little over a year and taking her classes. I love her ways of expression in dancing and teaching. My favorite class was called 'Pole Sexy'. That's the class you feel your sexiest in. That's a MUST TAKE type of class ;) . Dancing with Mari is a joy! The things we came up with in the studio was amazing. I am pretty sure she agrees when I say 'we vibe off each other'. Great energy she gives. If you're thinking about joining the pole world think no more and just sign up! You would not regret it.

Onika Outerbridge, 25

Hair Stylist

I absolutely love Marilyn’s approach to Pole Fitness. She has helped me to enjoy a sport I had never tried before. She demonstrates moves with accuracy and patience. She has encouraged me through her vibrant classes to want to learn more. Her classes are challenging yet inviting at the same time. I feel comfortable in her classes as she fosters a fun sisterhood amongst the group with her encouraging words and her enthusiastic energy. With Marilyn’s professional support, I continue to amaze myself of my physical and mental strength I gain after each session. Thank you Marilyn for sharing your passion with me!

Donika York


I met Marilyn several years ago through a mutual friend. We connected on another level for the love of pole dance at Fusion fitness.

I’ve been Pole dancing for roughly four years and recently started taking Private Pole classes with Marilyn.

I absolutely love it not only does it keep me in good shape but I am also having fun! She is a very patient and professional instructor.

I would highly recommend others to try her classes. She keeps you Sexy!! :)

Anastasia Slater, 36

Senior Catastrophe Analyst

Marilyn Allers is one incredibly talented and inspirational individual. I had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn back in 2013 when she was my instructor for my second session of Pole Fitness classes here in Bermuda. She had just given birth to her second child, and when she walked into the studio on that first night, I was immediately struck by how fit she appeared to be despite the recent birth. She sashayed in, with the cutest matching outfit (she has some amazing pole gear!), and got right to work. It wasn't long before I could see that Marilyn didn't just appear fit, she was in extremely good shape. She gave the credit to her pole workouts.

Prior to taking pole fitness classes, I had been into running, general fitness and dabbled with yoga and swimming. Pole fitness was a completely different workout for me. I would leave feeling sore in places I never knew existed. Bruises were like badges of honor. (If I had to give a negative comment about pole, the bruises were the only thing! Be prepared!) I would highly recommend pole fitness to anyone looking for more strength and toning while retaining and owning their femininity.

Over the course of the sessions, Marilyn always displayed the perfect combination of strength and femininity on the pole. She would move fluidly from one trick to the next, making it look easy and graceful. We would then try to imitate the moves she would demonstrate for us, in a step by step process for the combos. Marilyn was always very supportive and encouraging, even if we didn't come close to what we were trying to attempt. There were all body types and ages in our classes, and the group quickly formed a bond, like a sisterhood. Marilyn would ask us for our 'pole goals' at the beginning of each session. When one of us would actually achieve this goal, we'd all go nuts with excitement and cheers. It was such a good feeling to finally learn something new. Marilyn was always our biggest cheerleader, and her dedication to her students was overwhelmingly evident.

Natalie, 39

Office Manager

My cousin had her birthday pole party at Fusion a few years ago. I was like this is sexy and hard at the same damn time! I had lost a lot of weight and was looking for a new way to exercise and build strength. That was the introduction to my pole life.

I met Marilyn when I started level 2 pole. Immediately I took to her personality. In one way I was slightly jealous of her abilities; her sexiness, her complete and blatant confidence, her strength, and the way she moved to name a few, but all are what made me love her! She is my peer but also my role model in pole and a bit in life. She exudes confidence that draws you in and she throws that energy at you until it sticks.

She is an excellent instructor; there is no failure where she is concerned! If you don't get it today, you'll get it tomorrow. This applies to everything. I moved to level 3 with Mari as did many of her students, becoming not just friends but family! I fell in deep love with pole because of her. Now I am an aspiring pole instructor!

I have gained strength I never had, built my confidence to new levels and found a new family, There’s no turning back!

Love you Mari & thank you!

Michelle Furbert, 31

Part-Time Bartender & Fitness Enthusiast