Bringing people together in a fun setting is one of the things that Marilyn does best. Her passion for pole in addition to a deep appreciation for music across a variety genres, all forms of dance, creative self-expression and having a good time are among the many things that have distinguished her as an artist and instructor in Bermuda's Pole Fitness community.

Pole dance/fitness can be a sport, art form, leisure activity, form of exercise or any combination thereof. Regardless of your reason for taking up pole, you may find yourself embarking on a new journey towards better health and self-acceptance. Who knows, you might also become a pole addict, like Marilyn!


places I've poled
  • Money can't buy happiness
    but it can buy pole classes
    and that's basically the same thing.

    -Professor M
  • Polegasm

    An intense wave of pleasure that runs though a pole dancer's body upon successful execution a new move or even seeing a new pole trick for the first time.

  • FACT:

    Milk does a body good.
    Pole dancing does a body better.

  • Pole Dancer: I work out
    *Nobody panics*

    Pole Dancer: I pole dance for fitness
    *Everyone loses their mind*